• 2 pipette channel, 2 barcode scanner,
  • 2 incubation rack, 2 centrifuge(3000rpm), 1 transfer arm,
  • 96 sample, 12 reagent, 12 pierce & pipetting, 1 Reader
General Fully automated Blood grouping system  BGS-170
Test Menu Blood grouping/ reverse grouping/ phenotyping/ crossmatching/ antibody screening/antibody identification/ direct AHG test(DAT)/ single antigens/Rh(D) Rh(CcEe)/ Newborn-ABO-Rh/ Rh/k/ ABO DD/Kell/ AHG Polyspecific/ ADK
Typical throughput up to 96 cards/ hour
Transfer arm/gripper 1 (transfer card)
Pipetting channels 2 (800µ l disposable plastic tips, non conductive, low cost, Liquid level, clot, empty tube detection)
Piercing module 12 cards position
Tips rack capacity 384 tips (4 positions, each can hold 96tips)
Pipetting range 10 to 800µl/ Increment: 1µl
Sample tube capacity 24 X 6 = 144 samples (standard tube diameter 13mm, other diameters on request)
Sample types  centrifuged whole blood/ packed red blood cells/ 3-5% and 0.8% red cell suspensions/serum or plasma
Reagent module 2 X6=12  blending diluent position+96 deepwell dilution microplate+2 dilution position+2control
Incubation module 12X2=24 cards position (RT- 50°C adjustable at an increment of 0.1°C  )
Centrifuge 12X2=24 cards position (maximum speed 3000r/min, Centrifugal time, speed adjustable programming)
Gel card box 24X4=96 card capacity
Barcode scanner 2 (1 for sample and reagent, 1 for gel card)
Reader High resolution image acquisition interpretation system, automatic interpretation of acquisition and recognition results.
Software Completely intellectual property rights, humanization design, Wizard-style user interface, easy to use

Ordering information:

1.251.170            BGS-170               Fully automated Blood grouping system, 96 cards/h