Chemiluminescence Analyzer

CLIA – 1200


■ Based on enzyme labels method
■ High Quality and cost effective testing analysis
■ Capacity 120 Tests per hour



■  Stable ALP-AMPPD methodology
■  Throughput up to 120 tests/h
■  Random access to combination of any samples
■  Onboard refrigerated storage for reagent carousel
■  Cuvettes auto-loading
■  Advanced 3-step separation with nano magnetic particles
■  Reagent QR management



CLIA kit for Covid-19 analysis

We developed CLIA kits for Covid-19, shows higher sensitivity & specificity as a very good option in combination of detection by PCR.
The main method for detection still the PCR, and in some countries the assisting detection of Covid-19 is by detecting IgG/IgM, the main methods are rapid test by Colloidal gold, another is by ELISA
The immunoassay methods provides more sensitivity & specificity than those of rapid tests or ELISA, and rapid tests are only for screening, they cannot be used as diagnosis results.
Our Covid-19 IgG/IgM reagent kits by CLIA using our Chemiluminescence analyzers, which also provides other testing parameters like cardiac markers, infectious disease, inflammation,etc, which are also needed no matter in regular testing or in corona virus situation, as some organs of infected people would also be impacted, which should be under monitoring.
Order Informations:
Article No. Model Descriptions
1.157.1200 CLIA-1200 Chemiluminescence Analyzer, 120 testes/h
1.157.1001 CLIA-kit Test kit (IgG+IgM) including control & calibrator



Chemiluminescence consumables‘
1.157.1002 Maintenance Cleanser A, 30ml x 6 ( 180 ml ), Consumables Time: 1800T
1.157.1003 Maintenance Cleanser A, 70ml x 4 ( 280 ml ), Consumables Time: 2800T
1.157.1004 Tube Maintenance Cleanser, 120ml x 4 ( 480 ml ), Consumables Time: 40T
1.157.1005 Cleanser REC-L, 1L ( 1000 ml ), Consumables Time: 300T
1.157.1006 Sample Diluent RD-L, 60ml x 2 ( 120 ml ), Consumables Time: 480T
1.157.1007 Sample Diluent RD-L, 90ml x 2 ( 180 ml ), Consumables Time: 720T
1.157.1008 Substrate Solution, 600T x 2 ( 120ml x 2 ), Consumables Time: 1200T
1.157.1009 Immune Test Cuvette, 2000pcs/bag, Consumables Time: 2000T