• Dry System maintenance free
  • Multi-colour touch screen
  • Disposable cartridge, point of care
Measuring method: Affinity Chromatography
Test parameters: HbA1c, eAG
Sample type: Whole blood or peripheral blood
Sample volume: 10 µl
Measuring range: HbA1c 4.0%-15.0%
Test time: 3-5 minutes
Display: LCD display
Memory: 10000 sample, 12 moths QC value, Power failer protection
Output: RS 232, HIS/LIS
Dimension: 205×130×70mm,1Kg
Power: AC100-240V,50/60Hz,60VA
Internal battery optional 12V, 2600mAh
Consumables: HbA1c cartridge, Kits, IC card
Ordering information:
1.279.618 HbA1c analyzer Hemoglobin Meter for HbA1c and  eAG set 1
1.279.618-01 Complete kit with: 1x box of 25strips  I   25pcs bullet cups set 1
1x set of solutions (hemolysin and eluent)   I RF card