• High Separation Liquid Chromatographic Column
  • High Sensitivity 415nm LED Integral Photometer
  • Real-time summarized chromatogram, Intelligence process detection
  • Full-auto 25-position Sample Turntable, Optional Selection of Batch Test or Emergency Test
Main Specifications:
Basic Parameters
Testing Method Chromatography/ion exchange liquid chromatography
Testing Item Glycated hemoglobin HbA1c
Testing Scope 3% ~ 18%
Testing Parameters Precision (CV) ≤3%, Accuracy (V) ≤1.50%
Testing Time 4 minutes (including reporting)
Sample type Venous blood (EDTA anticoagulation),Peripheral finger blood
Sample volume 5μl whole blood for each sample


Functional Parameters:

Photometer 415nm LED Integral flow colorimeter
Sampling mode Full-auto 25-position sample turntable (20 sample positions, 2 quality control positions, 1 emergency position, 1 cleaning position, 1 zero position)
Testing mode Auto test for batch, single test for emergency
Calibration Optional selection of 2 points or 4 points calibration, optional selection of manual or automation, Equipped with 1set of weight high and low level calibrators


Ordering information: 

1.279.660      ImmA-6600        Quantitative Immunoassay Analyzer      set         1