A+A manufactures and supplies a variety of microscope cover glass. Benefiting in different raw materials, personalized craftsmanships, various quality control standards and tailored packaging, the A+A® microscope cover glass family covers the following categories:

● EcoGlasTM Microscope Cover Glass
● BoroGlasTM Microscope Cover Glass
● EstaGlasTM Microscope Cover Glass
● Circular Microscope Cover Glass
● Hemacytometer Cover Glass

All of EstaGlas, BoroGlas, EcoGlas and Circular microscope cover glass are supplied in three thickness formats for meeting up with different operational preference and demands, #1.0 (0.13mm-0.16mm), #1.5 (0.16mm-0.19mm) and #2.0 (0.19mm-0.22mm).