• Compatible with U, V, or flat-bottom plates
  • Up to 50 wash protocols programmable
  • Minimal residual volume
  • 8-way and 12-way wash heads interchangeable
  • Unattached absorbing head and dispensing head
  • Positive displacement pump with low noise
  • Overfill washing and overflow protection
  • Automatic waste liquid warning
  • Bottom washing function
Plate type: U, V or flat-bottom
Wash head: 8-probe or 12-probe
Wash programs: up to 50
Wash cycles: 1 ~ 20
Volume range: 50 ~ 450μL/well
Residual volume: <1uL/well
Dispense precision: CV<2%
Soak Time: 1 ~ 3660s tunable
Pause Time: 0-60s tunable
Absorbing Time: 2-10s tunable
Shaking Time: 0-60s tunable
Display: 240 x 128 LCD display
Keypad: 8 touch keys
Output: RS-232 port

Ordering informations:

1.222.670            MPW-670            Automatic Microplate Washer