• One compressor, which is made in Germany, fast freezing and lower noise.
  • Pro-environment—environmentally friendly refrigerant –R404A.
  • The chamber temperature can drop to working condition within 60 minutes after switching the unit on.
  • Specimen retraction function, protects specimen from blade damage
  • Unit has two defrost methods: definite time and manual
  • LCD screen can display data: sample travel, thickness, function controlling, day, time, temperature and time on/off.
  • Peltier may be switched on or off manually.
  • Unit contains two defrost methods: definite time and manual
  • Multi position handwheel lock
  • Wide freezing shelf may put 10 specimen cassettes
  • The angle of Specimen orientation on X/Y axes 8°and specimen rotation on Z axes 360°



Freeze chamber temperature range: -10℃~-30℃
Cooling down time to -30℃:  60 min
Freeze shelf minimum temperature:  -45℃
Lowest temperature of Peltier unit on freeze shelf:  -55℃
Peltier working time:  15 minutes
Maximum specimen size:  35mm×35mm
Specimen vertical stroke:  60mm
Specimen horizontal stroke:  20mm
Coarse feeding speed:  0.7mm/s; 0.35mm/s
Section thickness range:  1μm~80μm adjustable;
1μm~20μm, in 1μm increment
20μm~40μm, in 2μm increments;
40μm~80μm, in 5μm increments
Trimming thickness range: 10μm~400μm adjustable;
10μm~50μm, in 5μm increments;
50μm~100μm,  in 10μm increments;
100μm~400μm, in 50μm increments;
Retraction range:  0μm~80μm adjustable; in 5μm increment
Voltage and frequency:  AC220V±10% 50/60Hz