• Only 36 inches long and 9 inches high
  • 15 Total Stations including one drying station and one rinsing station
  •  Fully programmable dip time, drip time and agitation
  • Ideal for frozen section staining
  • Holds 30 programs with 25 steps each
  • Manual or automatic modes
  • Password protected User area
  • Touch screen programming and status view


Technical Data

Display: LCD Touch screen
Total stations: 15 stations
Volume: about 350ml
Specimen capacity: 24pcs.
Processing time: 0-59min per station
Multi-user System: Up to 10 users
1 of them without password
9 users require password
Voltage:  AC 220V, 50/60Hz
Power: ≤400VA
Fuse: F3A/220VAC