• Variable level cylinder control rod , operation flexibility
  • Power failure alarm, to protect the tissue in set liquid
  • Stir-type dehydration methods used in it , tissue, solvent and paraffin will well –mixed, so as to achieve a good effect of dehydration.
  • LCD screen, easy to use.
  • Minimum interval setting of 1 minute, whether the vacuum interdependent.
  • Wax jar adopt constant temperature control system.
  • High precision temperature control
  • High quality Teflon on inner surface of coating, pollution prevention, corrosion-resistant.
  • Adopting 9 slices 1.2l medicine aquarium, to observe tissue change any time.
  • According to user’s requirement to tailor standby electrical source, after power cut-off it can still work,
  • Working Time can reach 4-16hours.



Steps of processing tissue:  12 steps
Glass container:  Quarntity-9, Capacitance-1.2L
Wax cup:  Quarntity-3
Process: 0-59hr59min Delay process:
Vertically reciprocative motion of tissue basket:  3time/min
Tissue basket specification:  Barrel tissue basket- Φ95x80mm layer nacelle-Φ95x80mm Five layers
Rated voltage:  220v,50Hz
Capacitance-1L Temperature range:  45-85℃
Each cup working hours:  0-59 hr 59min