• Bench top, Floor Model optional
  • Throughput: Random access, 120T/H (constant speed)
  • Probe, sample & reagent position: 2 probes,

40 sample positions, 40 reagent positions and 60 cuvettes

  • Cooling system: On board cooling by ON/OFF switch
  • Washing and optional system: 8 steps washing and 9 wavelengths
Assay method: End Point, Kinetic, Fix time etc.
Principle: Photoelectric colorimetry
Light Source: Halogen-Tungsten lamp with long life
Photometry range: 0~4.0Abs
Wavelength: 9 long life wavelengths in 300nm to 700nm range with ±2nm precision
Throughput: 120 tests per hour
Probes: 2 probes. Reagent dispense and Sample mixing.
Reagent tray: 40 reagent positions, 10~400µl, with 1ul increment
Sample tray: 40 sample positions, including standard, QC, STAT positions, 2~50µl, with 0.1µl increment
Reaction tray: 60 reusable reaction cuvettes
Refrigeration: On board cooling for Reagents, Samples, Calibrators, Standards, Controls with ON/OFF Switch
Minimum reaction volume: 150µl
Clean unit: 8-step auto-washing system
Water Consumption: Less than 2L/hour under working status
Quality Control: Quality Control program with Levy Jennings, Multiple lots, QC charts, etc.
Temperature control: incubator 37±0.1°C
Power supply: AC 220V, 50/60Hz
Dimension: 560 mm x 410mmx 360 mm
Weight: 30Kg.

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Article No.          Model                   Description of Article

1.157.120            CHA-120              Automatic Chemistry Analyzer, 120 Tests/h