ELISA Workstations

Our Fully automatic range of immunoassay workstations combine all functions required to process microplate based immunoassays on an efficient, convenient and fast platform. Sample- and reagent transfer are performed by the high precision pipetting system. An array of shaker-incubators carry the microplates, assure accurate reaction temperature and efficient mixing. A high performance 96-well microplate washer module provides fast and efficient washing. The measurement module selected to match your specific assay technology ELISA, CLIA or FIA, provides reliable raw data to be evaluated and the plate transfer arm moves the plate between the modules used for each individual processing step.

The system is complemented by SCOstation, a powerful PC-software providing an intuitive user interface to control all system functions, define and execute the desired processes, perform evaluation and provide access to results and process data.

MPR-200 MPR-400
complete system with: complete system with:
2 pipette channel 4 pipette channel
6 microplate incubator 9 microplate incubator
16 needle washer 96 needle washer
Reader Reader


Ordering informations:
1.217.200 MPR-200 Fully automated ELISA workstation
2 pipette channel, 6 microplate incubator, 16 needle washer, reader
1.217.400 MPR-400 Fully automated ELISA workstation
4 pipette channel, 9 microplate incubator, 96 needle washer, reader

Spare Parts:
1.217.400-01 Disposable tips 300ul                       (1000pcs/box)
1.217.400-02 Disposable tips 800ul                      (1000pcs/box)
1.217.400-03 Reagent tank  15ml
1.217.400-04 Tip rack
1.217.400-05 Reagent tank   60ml
1.217.400-06 Reagent tank   30ml
1.217.400-07 Tube rack
1.217.400-08 Reagent rack
1.217.400-09 Reagent tank cover
1.217.400-10 deep-well plate