MP-IN series is a high quality, robust and low maintenance microplate spectrophotometer, ensuring even greater value over time.

  • Monochromator-based absorbance
  • 200 ~ 999nm for UV-VIS applications
  • Wavelength scanning, endpoint, kinetics, area scan
  • The Model MP-IN-M1 equippend with Lunminometer


Ordering informations:

1.487.001 MP-IN-A1 INNO-A1 (Microplate Spectrophotometer), Include Basic software
Download Data Sheet
1.487.002 MP-IN-M1 INNO-M1 (Microplate Spectrophotometer + Lunminometer),          Include Basic software
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1.487.003 MP-IN-V1 Nano-V (Nano volume  plate) (option) , Support 24well        
1.487.004 MP-IN-I1 INNO-I  (Luminometer) / Sample tube type, Hand-held Type
1.487.005 INO-I INNO-I    Hand-held Case (option)