Fully-Automatic Microtome with Touch Screen


The Fully Automatic Microtome MT-355 provides almost reliability, user benefit and outstanding operator comfort. Great basic stability and precision, make this microtome a real multi-purpose instrument that meets the requirements both in paraffin and hard sectioning techniques of the biological, medical and industrial lab.




  • Fully automatic or manual model,Its two-in-one design concept, which allows motorized and manual sectioning, provides reproducible high-quality sections.
  • Adopted Germany motor drive ensure slice more precisely ,more reliable and quiet.
  • The touch screen shows slice and trimming thickness ,section counter ,mode and speed, stroke distance
  • Special function of specimen retraction which avoid the damage due to the attrition between sample and the back of knife so that the sectioning is more smooth and the life of the knife is more longer .
  • Model of Blade Carrier for High or Lower Disposable Blades
  • The hand wheel can be locked in any position to ensure the sectioning as safe and convenient as possible
  • The waste tray can be disassembled easily
  • Safety alarm system , overload protection function, sleep mode protection
  • Universal cassette clamp and standard specimen clamp
  • Optional Blade carrier which can use Steel Knife or Blade Holder
  • Emergency stop
  • Foot Switch to control the Section
  • Easy operation with Separated Control Panel




Type of microtome :                                        Automatic
Section thickness setting range:                      0.5 – 100 µm 
Setting values :  From  0.5  –  2 µm    in 0.5 µm increments
From    0 –   10 µm    in   1 µm increments
Form  10 –   20 µm    in   2 µm increments
Form   20 –  50 µm    in   5 µm increments
Form   50 -100 µm    in 10 µm increments
Trimming section thickness range: 0 – 999 µm 
Setting value:  from 0 – 999μm   in 1μm increments 
Cutting speed:  0 – 420 mm/s 
Horizontal specimen stroke: 28 mm
Vertical specimen stroke:  60 mm
Specimen retraction: 12 µm 
Specimen feed speed:  1250/2000 μm/s
Sample orientation: Precise orientation of specimen clamp
8° along the X-Y-axis, rotable 360°
Precision error:  ± 5% 
Maximum section size:  50 × 45mm
Pole less Speed Regulation function, cutting speed range: 0.5 – 300mm/s 
Voltage and power: 220V,  50 / 60Hz
Dimensions incl. tray(L/T/H): 500 x 320 x 500 mm(L x W x H)
Net weight: Approx. 35 kg


Standards Accessories:

■ 2 Clamps, 2 Types
■ 1 Blade Carrier
■ 1 Waste Tray
■ 1 Trimming Handel
■ 50 Tissue Cassettes
■ 1 Remote control
■ 1 Foot Pedal


Optional Accesories:

■ MT-3352 Blade Carrier for Blade Holder or Steel Knife
■ Blade Holder ( only to use with Blade Carrier MT-3352 )
■ Blade Holder for Low Profile Blade MT-160D
■ Blade Holder for High Profile Blade MT-170B
■ Microtome Disposable Blade, Feather Blade N35/R35/S35
■ Microtome Disposable Blade, Leica Blade 818/819