A+A today can manufacture and supply many models of cassettes for processing and embedding histological tissue specimens, most of which can be used with the automated cassette labeling instruments.The processing/embedding cassettes with 45°slanted angle are compatible with most of the cassette labelers on the market and anothers with 35°slanted angle can be used with a specific Sakura® cassette printers.


Biopsy Processing/Embedding Cassettes

One-piece & snap-latch design allows convenient one-hand operations, and helps relock the lid securely without
danger of specimen loss.



Tissue Processing/Embedding Cassettes

● Made of P.O.M material, 100% resistant to chemical action of histological solvents.
● With rectangle holes in dimensions of 5.0mm ×1.0 mm.
● With two large labeling areas on the cassette sides and one slanted front writing surface.
● Allowing for a greatly improved fluid exchange with extra anterior & posterior slots.



Base Molds/Biopsy Bags/Biopsy Foam Pads

Designed for facilitating same styles and same types of cassettes as well as embedding O rings in specimen embedding, compatible with most of the commonly-used embedding equipments.



Embedding rings/Cassette Dispensing Sleeve Set

Used for pre-loading the cassettes, that can be accommodated directly by the cassette labeling instrument so as
to eliminate hand inserting of cassettes and optimize the user convenience.

● With two sleeve end stoppers.
● Accommodates up to approx.75pcs of the A+A® regular cassettes with lids.