Slide Printer

The Slide Printer is a fully-automated slide labelling system. It greatly increases the efficiency of the laboratory workflows while helping to reduce the risk of specimen misidentification. It prints directly onto slides, eliminating troublesome handwriting or expensive, difficult-to-apply labels. You can print text, graphics and logos along with
linear and 2D bar codes on every slide you process. Moreover, with the Slide Labelling System, you are for the first time provided with an additional whilst powerful high-resolution color printing, realizing the possibility of using only white color frosted slides.


Cassette Printer

The Cassette Printer is a stand-alone unit with one cassette manually loaded at the time of a printing demand. The smart design allows laboratories to place a direct-to-cassette printer at each grossing station, delivering more flexible and more efficient workflows.


Automatic Cassette Printer

Armed with a robotic cassette picking system, the cassette printer is an enhanced version upon the manual cassette
printer PATHMARKTM CP01. The pre-loaded cassettes can be easily placed at the front of the unit and automatically fetched by the robotic picking system when a printing is ordered, realizing hand-free operations.